Party With Questlove At The All-Star BBQ In Williamsburg! - Gothamist

Russell Jackson (SubCulture Dining) // Lea DeLaria (Orange will be the New Black)

GRILLED MUSSELS | with Korean gujoung pork body fat butter as well as fermented cornbread pepita crumble


Allison & Matt Robicelli (Robicelli's Bakery) // George Takei, Telly Leung (Allegiance any New Musical)

FUJI APPLE PIE | Together With miso caramel along with vanilla bean tofu cream

This submit can be brought to you by TasteTalks.

Daniel Eddy (Rebelle)

GRILLED DUCK SAUSAGE | Together With plum jam

Rob Newton (Wilma Jean, Nightingale 9, Wilma Jean, Smith Canteen) // Lee Gregory & Joe Sparatta (Southbound)

GRILLED PORK SHOULDER | Using rice noodles, Virginia peanuts, cucumbers as well as herbs

Tickets are generally $45 as well as obtainable simply within advance. Anticipate to combine and also mingle along with best chefs as well as their artist/actor/musician chef-collaborators whilst dining about their own brilliant, delicious BBQ creations! . & Streets BK)

PERI-PERI WINGS | Together With Thai Duck Salad

Check out the total menu and lineup down below and also seize any ticket today! Similar To final year, these tickets won't final long!

Oh, as well as does we mention curator Questlove will be spinning live by getting an original DJ set?


Laura O'Neill & Ben Van Leeuwen (Van Leeuwen Ice Cream) // Sharon Van Etten (Musician)

TRIPLE PEANUT | Peanut butter frozen goodies having a peanut butter swirl and crunchy peanut brittle

BUTTERMILK JAM | Buttermilk ice cream swirled with house made raspberry jam

Celebrate each day regarding discovery and also indulgence at Taste Talks All-Star BBQ, a sampling feast that brings together world-renowned chefs making signature dishes outdoors with 50 Kent avenue throughout Williamsburg upon Sunday, September 13. Wells) // Mark Hegedus (Blue Point Brewing)

DEEP SEA RED CRAB | Red Crab, Summer Corn, Herbed Butter, Parker Rolls, Mayonnaise, Brown Butter

Pierre Thiam (Pierre Thiam Catering) // Sahr Ngaujah (Fela! the Musical)

GRILLED ISLAND CREEK OYSTERS| Together With Spicy Smoked Crayfish Mignonette along with Cassava Leaves using Peanuts

Justin Smillie (Upland) // Heems (Musician)

GRILLED VEAL RIBS | Using charred cherry tomato salsa

Ben Conniff (Luke's Lobster) // Matt Timms (The Takedowns)

CHILI-BUTTER LOBSTER TAILS | with grilled cabbage as well as corn slaw

Matty Matheson (Parts & Labour) // Dan Santoro & Bert Krak (Smith Street Tattoo)

RAW LAMB LARD & BBQ YUZU CABBAGE | Using fish sauce, brown butter, mint, along with weber natural gas grill thai basil

Robl Ali (Robl & Co. Click on here to purchase the ticket!

Alex Stupak (Empelln) // Damian Higgins AKA Dieselboy (DJ/Producer)

LA HAMBURGUESA CAMPENA | Grilled short rib patty on the potato roll, tex mex design queso, red pepper-chorizo relish, crispy gaufrettes, smoked mayonnaise

Shannon Shaffer (Design Cuisine presented simply by Celebrity Cruises) // Lauren Wagner (Street art Throwdown) & Jenna Morello

(Street Artist)

KOREAN BBQ BEEF BRISKET | Asian pear along with fennel slaw, wasabi pearls, puffed rice cracker

Michael Psilakis (MP Taverna, Kefi, Fishtag) // Jarobi White (Musician; Eats, Rhymes & Life)

PULLED LAMB SLIDERS | Served upon La Brea Bakery Telera Sliders

Hugue DuFour (M



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